Credit Where It’s Due

Client: Credit Review

Project Information

  • Brand Strategy,
  • Branding,
  • Design,
  • Art Direction,
  • Copywriting,
  • Animation,
  • Content,
  • Print,
  • Website in collaboration with Friday

The Challenge 

Established in 2010, the role of The Credit Review Office is to ensure the flow of credit to viable SMES and farm enterprises. They provide a simple and effective credit review and appeals process to business owners who have been refused a business loan or whose credit facilities have been reduced or withdrawn. Bossanova was approached to take a fresh look at their brand and communications with a view to increasing their profile and promoting this vital service.

The Response

The Credit Review team are experts in their field with a practical understanding of what it takes to sustain and grow a successful business. With a 90% success rate of having unfavourable credit decisions overturned, our goal was to promote the positive benefits of their service to the people who need them most.

We began with reviewing the brand name and identity. As their URL is, we recommended the move from The Credit Review Office to simply Credit Review, an immediate move to a more memorable and approachable tone.

Credit Review supports viable Irish enterprises to access credit so they can sustain and grow their business. To reflect this, we included the tagline – ‘Credit where it’s due’ which fit perfectly. We developed a strong typographic identity, with a ’tick’ mark replacing the ‘v’ in Review, encompassing the positive outcomes from engagement with Credit Review, which becomes a strong identifier and graphic device across print and screen.

We created all content, including an instructional 60 sec animation, which takes you through the Credit Review process step-by-step. Collaborating with Digital Agency, Friday, the website is designed to be accessible and user friendly and provides business owners with the information they need at their finger tips.